Power Words (Hot Words)–What We Discovered at Our W.I.S.E. Coffee, February 10th

At our last W.I.S.E Coffee, we talked about two blog posts, one being How to Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog.

The article has eight great tips, but we focused a little bit longer on #6 “Use Power Words.”

“Power Words,” a.k.a. “Hot Words,” are words that motivate readers to act. They bring pizzazz to your titles and cause the reader to want to read your post.

Hot words are rarely used in the body of the post. They are sensational and will make your post sound rather cheesy. BUT, as title words, they are powerful!

Here is MY LIST of  Power Words (a.k.a. Hot Words). The words in all caps are not original to the list, which I got from a blog post. They are words I’ve added from other sources over time:

Absolutely, amazing, approved, attractive, authentic, bargain, BECAUSE, better, big, breakthrough, cash, colossal, complete, confidential, crammed, delivered, direct, discount, discover, discovery, easy, excellent, exciting, exclusive, expert, famous, fascinating, fortune, free, genuine, gift, gigantic, greatest, GROW, guaranteed, helpful, huge, immediately, improved, incredible, informative, instructional, INSTANTLY, interesting, largest, latest, limited, love, lowest, magic, miracle, money, new, noted, odd, OPPORTUNITY, outstanding, personalized, popular, power, powerful, practical, private, professional, profit, profitable, proven, quality, QUICK, rare, reduced, refundable, remarkable, reliable, results, revealed, revolutionary, scarce, scientific, secrets, security, select, sensational, simplified, sizable, SIZZLE, SOAR, special, startling, STOP, strange, strong, STUNNING, sturdy, successful, superior, surprise, TANTALIZING, terrific, tested, tremendous, TRICK, ultimate, unconditional, unique, UNCOVERED, unlimited, useful, valuable, WARNING, wealth, WEIRD, WHY, you.

If you want to get better at writing titles for your blog posts, keep this list and add to it as you come across other Power Words. They will make a big difference in the ability of your posts to pull in readers.

To see the original post, which has seven more pointers, click here.

You may also be interested in this YouTube, Writing Advertising Headlines Using Thesaurus and Hot Words, which teaches  how to figure out Power Words by using a Thesaurus. Good stuff!

This is the link to the post where I got the original Hot Words List, which also has power phrases.

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