“A real blessing. Quality speakers. Applicable information.” ~Virginia Burns

“Impressive.” ~Brad D.

 “Words for the Journey is more than just a writers group, it’s family. We encourage each other without competing, and accept each writer for who God made them to be. You’ll be hard pressed to find an unpublished writer in our midst. Because of our nurturing atmosphere, we have all soared to new heights.” ~Jan B. Parrish

 “I love this group. Have for years. An amazing bunch of loving and supportive writers, and they’re fun too!”~Denise Holmes

“Helpful, informative, and supportive. I started attending WFTJ in January and it has quickly become a don’t-miss.” ~Linda Hamilton

 “This group was my first source of friendship upon moving to the area. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’ve now been a member for nearly five years. The group has become like a family, but always with room for more. The instruction is top notch and I’ve advanced a lot in my writing because of it.” ~Kay Day

 “I LOVE this group! It’s where I’ve learned the nitty-gritty details of writing, but most importantly, where I’ve been encouraged and supported throughout this crazy journey of writing.” ~Stacy Voss

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