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How to Write a Viral Blog Post–Amazing Info Revealed at Our April 14th, 2015, W.I.S.E. Coffee Meeting

We had a blast at our last meeting! I’d had this blog post “Lessons From Blog Posts That Went Viral” in my back pocket for a while. At our April 14th meeting, I pulled it out of said pocket and presented … Continue reading

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Fantastic Writing Opportunity–Dana Bell’s Extinct Possibilities Anthology

Deadline, 5/31/15 Imagine a world where dinosaurs, ancient mammals or other creatures, like the dodo bird, including lost branches of man, never went extinct. How would it have changed our world? What would their place or ours be? What if…? In … Continue reading

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Getting Reviewed by Book Bloggers–What Was Revealed at Our March 31, 2015, W.I.S.E. Coffee Meeting

In our last meeting on March 31st, we talked about promoting our books through blog reviewers. The post I read to the group and taught from was,”Book Bloggers: Where to Find Them and How to Win Them Over,” by Jenny Bravo (see link at bottom … Continue reading

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