The Webinars

At this point in time, I plan to only do 4 webinars in 2014. Although the coffees are free, the Webinars will cost anywhere from 10-15 dollars. I haven’t decided.

I also intend to occasionally throw in a bonus free Appetizer Webinar.

Right now, I am still researching companies that host distance learning (webinars). Chris is partial to, which is attractive because they have a free option which allows for as many as 200 to log on.

Once I’ve picked the company we’ll be using and understand the procedure, I’ll teach y’all the steps. I know that there’s a mix of those who’ve attended webinars and those, like me, who are clueless, but I promise I’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you.

In 2015, I’m hoping to have a webinar every other month. My biggest criteria in choosing how often we do the webinars is how much time and energy it is to promote them.

Things That Will Stay…

So, we will still have brick-and-mortar events. This coming year, I still intend for us to go to the Broadmoor, have a holiday party, the Blog Recital will remain, and in May, I still want Tim Shoemaker to come speak to us and have lunch with us.

Things that Will Leave…

Dues… paying for the webinars will replace dues

Meeting at Southeast or ORCC unless there is a special occasion

The Fall Kickoff Event

Devotions at each meeting unless it is a special occasion. There will still be a devo in the newsletter, however, which from time to time will be read at our coffees.

Weekly meetings

Meetup–so sorry to our new Meetup members, but sometime in December I am cancelling our account. Only a few Meetup members are regular attendees, and the $144 it costs us yearly is not justified. I will email all of our Meetup members, inform them of the change, and sign as many up as I can to the newsletter.

Things That Will Change…

The Newsletter/Devo will be once monthly. The Newletter (the one that just looks like a letter) will be 1-2 times a month, depending on the month.

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