W.I.S.E. Coffees

I will hold the coffees on the  last Tuesday of the month.

One thing I didn’t want was for the Coffees to be about chatting—I wanted them to be writing focused and have a real purpose that justified the effort to come.

So, I and my partner in crime, Mark, sat at breakfast and devised an acronym that embodied my philosophy for the Coffees.

W—stands for Wisdom. The concept is that we teach each other. So, at each meeting some of us will bring something educational to share with the group…craft books, articles on writing or promoting, or something we learned from personal experience. You won’t have to plan–just talk with your friends informally about what you’ve learned.

I—stands for Inspiration. These coffees will be Christ centered. We’ll begin with prayer, and during the meeting we’ll share spiritual insight to stay on track for God’s Calling. Occassionally, I will read the devo from the newsletter.

SSocializing. We all need friends who will have fun with us, so I intend to laugh at these coffees and I hope y’all laugh with me. Keeping our community is important. We are not alone.

E—All of us get discouraged in our Calling, so we all need to be there to encourage each other. Even the most experienced writers need Encouragement at one time or another.

.The W.I.S.E. Coffees will be on the LAST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., which is our normal time of day for a day meeting.

I plan for us to meet at a Starbucks around Park Meadows Mall (see our About Page for locations, addresses, and maps).

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