What Can I Trust?

By Kay Day

Psalm 52:8 But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever.

Each New Year I ask God to give me a word to be the focus for the year. Last year He said, “Trust.”

I tried to argue. Tried to convince Him that I didn’t need that word, I already had trust down, but He didn’t believe me. He insisted.

I knew right then I was in for a ride.

And I was right. Last year had some rough spots. And in the midst of one of those the truth I’d been hiding hit me full force. I didn’t really trust God.

I lay in bed crying to Him. Telling Him I didn’t trust Him but I wanted to. I asked Him to help. I begged, “Show me what I can trust!”

The next morning I inserted “trust” into an online concordance. It seemed that all of verses said the same thing, “I will trust in your lovingkindness.”

I already knew that word. It is a Covenant word. It means that because I am in covenant with God, he treats me as family. It is a word that means love, compassion, gentleness, mercy, and welcome. I am His.

It’s easy to misplace our trust. We can place it in books about writing—If I just get the right education….

We can place it in representation—If I just get the right agent….

We can place it in sales—If I can just impress enough people….

The only secure place for our trust is in His lovingkindness. We are His. He loves us tenderly and totally. He knows our dreams and our hopes and He also knows what is best for us. We can trust that.

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