Wisdom from the Founding Fathers

by Denise Miller Holmes

Fools Should be Quiet
“The learned fool writes his nonsense in better languages than the unlearned, but still it is nonsense.” — Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanac

Counting is the Best Medicine
“When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred.” — Thomas Jefferson

It’s Lonely at the Moral Top
“Always stand on principle . . . even if you stand alone.” — John Quincy Adams, who fought for the term “unalienable rights” to be written into the Declaration of Independence, even though he stood alone. 😀

Several Opinions Take you to Success
“In a multitude of counselors, there is the best chance for honesty, if not of wisdom.” — James Madison

What Motivates You?
“Three things prompt men to a regular discharge of their duty in time of Action: natural bravery, hope of reward, and fear of punishment.” — George Washington

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