Fun Facts About Space (Celebrating Astronomy Day!)

Mariner 10 Satellite

If you are an astronaut, you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk

In space, spilt milk will bead, forcing you to suck up each tiny sphere if you still want to ingest it.  If you cry about it, it only makes it worse with all those beaded tears mixing in with the milk. So, don’t cry over the spilt milk. Just act like an adult and suck it up. Okay?

There’s a first time for everything

Back in 1973, NASA launched the Mariner 10 spacecraft. It was the first spacecraft to use the “gravity assist” technique, which was necessary to conserve fuel. The spacecraft used the gravity of Venus to catapult itself to Mercury, where it did several fly-bys, and snapped photos of 45% of the planet. 

Two metals stuck in space

Let’s say a paper clip and a curling iron are floating in space and they rudely bump into each other. They will instantly fuse together. I thought, at first reading of this fact that the two metals were desperate for company and thus, clung to each other like two feeding ticks. Turns out, it’s just science and the phenomenon is called “cold welding.” This cold welding becomes a problem when using metal tools in space, so engineers coat the metal tools before giving them to the astronauts so they can work on the space station without mishap.

Diamonds are a girl’s best planet

There are huge planets in the universe that are made entirely of diamond. When I find the location of the biggest one, I’m keeping it a secret and I’m not tellin’.

De Beers, look out!

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