Our New Newsletter, “Success with a Smile”

If you want to know about our new newsletter, “Success with a Smile,” here’s the “Welcome” from the first edition:

Let me throw open the door to our new newsletter home and seat you in our newly-decorated living room. I call it, “Success with a Smile.”

Here, you will learn new life principles, tips and tricks for success, with writing principles and encouragement to take you to your goals. All that, plus, it’ll put a smile on your face.

If you were a recipient of the Words for the Journey newsletter a while back, it is here, tucked below in the second half of this newsletter, with more information than the original ever had.

This newsletter will come every other month, with an encouraging Note delivered in the in-between times. All of us goal-setters must be reminded regularly that we are not alone, that it’s doable—if we just keep on truckin’ and eating mashed potatoes. (I’m not sure about the mashed potatoes part. It’s a theory I’m trying out. And, truckin’ may not be the best word.) [smile]

Anyway, get to reading and remember what Mark Twain said—
“A soap bubble is the most beautiful thing, and the most exquisite, in nature.”

Boy, that man was deep.

We’d love to send our newsletter to you! If you’d like to receive “Success with a Smile”, you can sign up by clicking here.

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