Member Blogs*

Member Blogs

Jan Parrish, Jan Parrish
Helen Williams,
 Helen’s Points to Ponder
Kim Stewart, Wholly Words
Krystal Marusin, Krystal Marusin
Zac Totah, Zachary Totah: Imagine, Dream, Explore
Carrie O’Toole, Carrie O’Toole
Carin Newell, Carin Newell
Chris Richards, Passing the Quill
Dana Bell, Why Not Question? , Dana’s Dragon Note
Dena Netherton, My Father’s World, My Father’s Words
Denise Miller Holmes
, Red-Hot Writing Tips; Denise Miller Holmes:The Witty Wise Woman
D.G. Wynn, D.G. Wynn

* You are considered a “member” of WFTJ if you attend an instructional meeting once every six months. When the webinars start, a webinar will count as attendance.

2 Responses to Member Blogs*

  1. Linda Hamilton says:

    Good work on this website – it’s beautiful!

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