We at Words for the Journey would love to hear from you! We have a Newsletter/Devo that arrives twice monthly in your inbox (a day before a meeting) that has a fresh devotional or instruction post, and all the information you need about writing instruction, upcoming writers group’ meetings, events, conferences, contests and writing opportunities. When the Webinars start, those will be in there too!

Please contact us to sign up for the newsletters or to get a question answered that isn’t answered on the website!

One Response to Contact

  1. wftjourney says:


    We only posted the letter. I am so sorry she has not gotten back with you, but we don’t have a relationship with those people or that project.

    The info was simply passed to us by someone who belongs to several groups who know about the project.

    Sometimes editors get swamped and don’t get back to people. Please continue to pursue contact with Jeanette!


    Denise Miller Holmes, Director
    Words for the Journey Christian Writers Guild

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